How to Keep Your French Bulldog Clean

French bulldogs have sensitive skin, and you need to make sure that you keep them clean as often as possible. While bathing your French bulldog, don’t forget to moisturise their skin afterwards. Dry skin can lead to irritation and rashes, and it can also lead to an infection. To keep their skin moist, you can use a mild moisturizer that is water or aloe vera based.

Another area that you should clean is your dog’s eyes. French bulldogs are susceptible to tear stains under their eyes. This is caused by the fact that their eyes sit further forward in their skulls, making it harder for their tear ducts to develop. Infection may result if the tear ducts aren’t kept clean, so you should regularly clean these areas. You can also offer rewards for your dog if it cleans its eyes.

While cleaning the eyes is important, you should also take the time to clean the folds around the dog’s mouth. This area is an area that many owners overlook. You can use a wet cloth or baby wipes to wipe away the buildup of bacteria. It’s important to also check the folds around your French Bulldog’s ears for dirt or debris.

French bulldogs have dozens of dark folds on their face, and these folds are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. If you see these folds clogging up with food or dirt, make sure that you wipe them off with a wet towel or a cornstarch-based baby wipe every week. Make sure you pay special attention to deep wrinkles, as these can often become a bacterial hotspot.

It’s important to bathe your French bulldog at least once every few months. Depending on your dog’s skin type, this may need to be more frequent than monthly. If you are constantly washing your dog, you may end up stripping his coat of its natural oils. If your Frenchie does not spend a great deal of time outside, however, it might need a bath more often.

You should also keep an eye check on your dog’s eyes. They are prone to eye infections and tear stains, so you should wipe their eyes regularly with an ear wipe or cotton swab. For ear folds, you can use antibacterial wipes and baby shampoo.

French bulldogs have wrinkles on their faces, and it’s important to avoid getting these folds wet when bathing them. The moisture trapped inside them will lead to infections. Make sure to dry the folds properly after washing them. If you live in an area with a humid climate, you can use dog-friendly baby wipes. Also, talcum powder or cornstarch can help keep the folds dry.

The tail is another important area to clean. French Bulldogs tend to play in dirt and mud, so it’s important to make sure it’s clean. Their tail pockets can collect dead skin and shed hair. These pockets can develop infections, so you should make sure to wipe them out every month.

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