How to Protect My French Bulldog From Being Stolen

If you want to keep your French bulldog safe from thieves, the first step is to microchip him. If he’s older, you should get him spayed or neutered. Also, don’t post identifying information about your French bulldog on social media. Thieves may use these sites to identify a stolen dog.

Microchipping is an excellent way to monitor your pet around the clock and identify its owner. It’s also law in many areas and can help police trace your dog in the event it goes missing. Another way to protect your dog from theft is to make sure it’s wearing an ID collar. A collar will indicate that your dog is yours, whereas a lack of a collar means that it’s a stray or wild dog. There are also various pet tracking devices available that attach to a dog collar and connect to your mobile phone.

In addition to microchipping, it’s a good idea to register your dog with a reputable pet registry. This will make it more difficult for thieves to steal your dog. The American Kennel Club says that two million dogs are stolen each year. As of 2016, Americans owned 78 million dogs. Some experts say that French bulldogs are prime targets for thieves, primarily because they’re small and expensive.

French bulldogs are the fourth most stolen breed in the United States, so keeping your Frenchie safe is essential. Keeping your dog within sight is the best way to protect your pet. Don’t leave them tied up outside or in a car alone. Neither should you leave them in your car or ask strangers to watch them.

A dog collar that includes identification and contact information is an essential way to keep your Frenchie safe while outdoors. You can get engraved collars with metal buckles that are stamped with your dog’s name and your phone number. Besides the collar, you should also ensure that your dog wears an ID tag. This identification tag is a legal requirement and must be visible in public. It will be helpful for the police or the authorities in locating your pet.

Frenchies are highly sought-after dogs in the United States. They can easily fetch a high price from breeders and pet owners. The breed’s demand has also increased the possibility of theft, since a Frenchie can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Often, thieves take advantage of this high demand by undercutting prices and reselling stolen animals.

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