French Bulldog Colors

Lilac French Bulldogs are a rare breed of dog with a coat color that can range from cool blue to a classy silver and purple hue. They may even have a hint of white on their face or chest. Lilac Frenchies are more expensive than standard French Bulldog puppies due to the recessive gene. These dogs also have light-colored eyes, reminiscent of their Blue cousins. The name Lilac refers to the lilac color, which is often confused with Blue Frenchies.

Fawn French Bulldogs are among the most common and easily available French Bulldog colors. They can be light brown or a deep reddish brown. Some French Bulldogs are also born with black masks. Fawn Frenchies are extremely popular as family pets. Fawn Frenchies can be found at any reputable breeder and won’t cost nearly as much as their more rare counterparts. If you have decided to buy a Frenchie, make sure to research its background and history before making a decision.

French Bulldogs come in brindle, fawn, and white. The two primary colors of French Bulldogs are brindle and pied. Brindles feature a dark color with light strands and white patches. Piebald French Bulldogs are a bit lighter in color.

The blue French Bulldog is the most rare color in the French Bulldog. This breed has blue eyes and merle spots on its coat. The blue color was a result of the parents’ genetic makeup, and is the most rare of all French Bulldog colors. It’s worth noting, however, that blue puppies do exist in the world, and responsible breeders are thrilled to have blue pups. However, the color of a French Bulldog has little to do with the dog’s health.

While the black color is considered unacceptably rare, brindle is still a viable option. Other colors to look for include red and caramel. Those with white markings and a fawn coat can be very rare. So, depending on your preference, you can find the perfect French Bulldog for your family.

Pied French bulldogs are the most unique breed of French bulldog. These dogs are mostly white with colored patches on their head, neck, and back. These patches may be large or small, and may be blue, silver, or even black.

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