The Best Ways To Keep A French Bulldog Healthy

In addition to your love, your Frenchie needs also the appropriate care. Since these lovely gremlins are prone to different health concerns, we decided to provide you with the best tips to keep a French bulldog healthy. If you would as us to describe the Frenchies, we would choose three words. Playful, affectionate, and friendly. However, on the flip side, if you don’t pay attention to their care, chances are good that your dog will show you certain health problems in the future.

How to keep a French bulldog healthy?

Besides it’s considered for a low-energy breed, Frenchies need some human help to get the things rolling. Since they belong to the Molossus group of dogs, they are prone to suffering from separation anxiety. They thrive for the attention of their owners so that’s why are often called ‘Velcro dogs’.

Therefore, if you want to prevent your dog from this issue, my advice is to start with the training lessons from the moment you brought it home. Crate training and teaching your frog dog to spend time alone is one of the best ways to keep a French bulldog healthy. It’s the part of mental health that affects shaping your Frenchie’s personality.

Regular walks

Taking a dog to regular strolls is essential to keep a Frenchie in good shape. Since this breed is prone to obesity, going for a walk multiple times a day is ‘a must’. If the weather is too hot or too cold outside, then you can provide your pet with home activities. You can play fetch at home if there is harsh weather outside.

Avoid walking in hot and cold weather

Widely known for their main feature- the skull, this feature makes them prone to hypothermia and overheating. French bulldogs and hot weather are not good friends at all. Therefore, instead of choosing the hottest part of the day for a walk, consider going outside early in the morning and late in the evening.

French bulldogs best fit the temperature between 20-25 C degrees. They are not built to spend time outdoors. So, to keep them safe in the summer, I recommend you use cooling items. Cooling items for Frenchies consist of a Summer cooling vestbandanabed, and many other essentials.

On the flip side, these gremlins shouldn’t be taken outside in cold weather. To keep a French bulldog healthy during winter, I recommend you to dress him in dog clothes. A vast choice of French bulldog clothing you’ll find in the Frenchie World online store.

Consider buying a waterproof and windproof dog jacket and boots to protect your Frenchie’s paws. Note that icy pavements and street salt can leave severe injuries, so any protection is welcome.

french bulldog healthy

Choose the right French bulldog diet

Food plays an important role when you want to keep a French bulldog healthy. These batpigs may have problems with digestion due to rapid ingestion. Their flat muzzles make them unable to eat properly, so they literally inhale the food from the bowl.

Besides choosing food that is free of artificial colors and by-products, I also recommend buying an Anti-choke feeding bowl. This type of bowl has a special rotating bone in the middle. It prolongs the meal and prevents a Frenchie from choking.

If you are still not sure what food to choose for your Frenchie puppy, I advise you to read the article about the top 8 French bulldog food brands.

French bulldogs can’t swim

Thanks to their tiny barrel bodies and little legs, most Frenchies can’t swim. Therefore, when you go swimming with your little gremlin, make sure you bring a dog life jacket. It will keep your pup above water thanks to the floating panels.

Choose the right shampoo for a French bulldog

If you own a Frenchie, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that they have sensitive skin. Using inappropriate cosmetics can make their skin itchy. Unfortunately, the problems don’t end here. When the dog itches the skin, he makes micro-cuts that become susceptible to infections. In that case, the dog requires treatment to relieve itchiness and prevent infections.

So far, I’ve tried many dog shampoos on my Frenchies, but the following one is proved to be the best. It soothes irritations and reduces itching symptoms. It represents a completely natural mix of herbs that won’t dry your Frenchie’s skin

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