Why World Class Frenchies Of Ohio?

blue french bulldog puppies

Are you looking for a new best friend? A friend that doesn’t talk your ear off and doesn’t complain? A friend that is true to you no matter the mood your in? Our friends will love you, comfort you, make you smile, and will even cuddle with you. French Bulldogs are not only a rare breed but they are great companions as well. At World Class Frenchies of Ohio we breed the rarest companions any one can buy and have french bulldog puppies for sale. So call today and make a new friend!

Reasons to pursue French Bulldog Adoption
Have you ever wanted to own Blue French bulldog puppies or another type of French Bulldog? Keep debating on why you should purchase one? Below are some of the top reasons why you should pursue French Bulldog Adoption. 

  1. It’s a small sized dog. 
    The french bulldog is an ideal dog in many ways. In the first place is because it has a small size that allows them to perfectly cope in apartments or small places. The space that you grant them is the one they get used to, so don´t worry if your house is small and the dog won´t like it.
  2. Their character is quiet and pacified.
    The character of the french bulldog is very quiet, up to sometimes being passive, although it matures as it grows (when they are puppies they can be excitable). They can lay on the floor for hours, on the couch, their bed… Wherever! Without even moving a paw! In fact, there comes moments where you need to force them to move and exercise.
  3. They are a very friendly and social animal.
    Something that stands out in this dog breed is that they get along with other kinds of dogs without caring about their size. You still have to be careful with this, since the noise they do while breathing might ” infuriate ” and scare some dogs. This can cause other dogs to think that the frenchie is growling and cause them to growl in return. You should always be careful when introducing dogs to each other, but usually the frenchie will not have a problem getting along with them as they enjoy the company. 
  4. Protector and Guardian when necessary. 
    The French bulldog is recognized at a distance by being an effective guardian dog (they have good ears) and protect the members of the family. Test it for yourself: Go out of the room (without him/her following you) and when you are about to go inside again make some noise… you´ll see what happens. In fact, this point is better to be treated with training so they don´t overdo the guardian aspect, because they can get to where the sit hours at the door of the house being a protector.
  5. They don’t need much exercise.
    The French bulldog does not to exercise too long as it is not an athletic dog. When we said above that they are perfect for small floors or apartments it is because they don´t need hour long walks nor running up and down a hill to burn energy (other breeds do need it). What we do suggest is that you go down to the playground or the street to socialize with other dogs and people, especially if you live in the city. French bulldogs are well adapted to life in the city. Also keep in mind this does not mean they do not need attention as they are a very dependent dog (This is well known by french bulldog owners) and seek care and continuous contact, so do not forget to play with him at some point of the day.